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1. Intro... Chicken Coop Lyrics

Intro... Chicken Coop Lyrics

Foxy Brown F/ Rich Nice, Cru, Capone Miscellaneous Intro... Chicken Coop [Rich Nice] The following previews have been approved for all audiences by the Committee For Audiovisual Sound *sounds of

2. BWA Lyrics

BWA Lyrics

Foxy Brown F/ Mia X, Gangsta Boo Miscellaneous BWA [Foxy] Ughh, let me show ya how it go down When you get three of the illest bitches Together on one track And we all got attitudes 1 - I'm

3. Ride (Down South) Lyrics

Ride (Down South) Lyrics

Foxy Brown F/ Eightball, MJG, Juvenile Miscellaneous Ride (Down South) [Intro] Let's get it hype, nigga Let's get it crump Yeah, yeah, yeah [Eightball] Pass me them Swisher Sweets, let's get it

4. Stylin' (Remix) Lyrics

Stylin' (Remix) Lyrics

Foxy Brown F/ Baby, Loon, Noreaga, Young Gav Miscellaneous Stylin' (Remix) REEEEMMMIXXX!! [Baby] Boss, I see you there! I see you Mike! I see you Roy! Keep your hands up nigga keep fightin [F

5. Talk To Me Lyrics

Talk To Me Lyrics

Foxy Brown F/ Pretty Boy Miscellaneous Talk To Me [Pretty Boy] Yo, tell Foxy to hold all that down Aight, hold on [Foxy] Uhh, that's cool First bitch, what [Foxy Brown] There ya'll b

6. Bonnie & Clyde Part II Lyrics

Bonnie & Clyde Part II Lyrics

Foxy Brown f/ Jay-Z Miscellaneous Bonnie & Clyde Part II [Intro] Bust your guns, uh, uh, yeah Bonnie and Clyde shit You hear me? Smell me? (That's right, you know?) I'mma take this one straight t

7. JOB Lyrics

JOB Lyrics

Foxy Brown F/ Mya Miscellaneous JOB [Intro] Ughh, gimme some Ughh, yeah, yeah, yeah, heh Ughh, get sticky wit it Ughh, get your name back Not that, ughh [Foxy] Nigga wanna lay up on my couch

8. Baller Bitch Lyrics

Baller Bitch Lyrics

Foxy Brown F/ Too $hort, Pretty Boy Miscellaneous Baller Bitch [Pretty Boy] Yo Fox and $hort, yo Don't let that pretty shit fool you, yo I ain't pay that bitch phone bill [Foxy] This is for

9. The Promise Lyrics

The Promise Lyrics

Foxy Brown F/ Havoc Miscellaneous The Promise [Foxy] Uhh, uh-huh, Firm [Havoc] Infamous [Foxy] The Brook-lyn, Q-B *chorus* [Foxy] My mind is the drama, that got me lookin back [both] const

10. Get Me Home Lyrics

Get Me Home Lyrics

Foxy Brown F/ Blackstreet Miscellaneous Get Me Home [Foxy] Yeah... (ahhh *echoes*) Firm biz, what is, Blackstreet Na Na, steady rise, peep this out (Oooh, *bab-bayyy*, gotta get you h

11. Tables Will Turn Lyrics

Tables Will Turn Lyrics

Foxy Brown F/ Baby Cham Miscellaneous Tables Will Turn [-Intro] Foxy Brown (Baby Cham) Ugh, Ehh, Uh! (What, WHAT!) (What's bumpin', Baby Cham, Fox Brown) Uh! Fox Brown, Baby Cham Ugh, Kingston,

12. Fox Boogie Lyrics

Fox Boogie Lyrics

Foxy Brown F/ Kid Capri Miscellaneous Fox Boogie [Kid Capri] Ahhhhhhh yeah... without a doubt! We up in here chillin, this is the Kiiiiiid Capri And I'm in the house with Foxy Brown For the nine-p

13. Dog & A Fox Lyrics

Dog & A Fox Lyrics

Foxy Brown F/ DMX Miscellaneous Dog & A Fox [DMX] Uhhhh, uhhhhhh Let's do it, we're startin' Uh, come on boogie boogie, uh, uh Lets do it, let's do it, DMX, come on I been playin' bitches all m

14. Saddest Day Lyrics

Saddest Day Lyrics

Foxy Brown F/ Wayne Wonder Miscellaneous Saddest Day [Foxy] This one, is dedicated, to you [Wayne Wonder] Foxy Brown.. Wayne Wonder.. Puttin it down.. whoa-oh-oh-oh.. c'mon [Chorus: Wayne Wond

15. It's Hard Being Wifee Lyrics

It's Hard Being Wifee Lyrics

Foxy Brown F/ Noreaga Miscellaneous It's Hard Being Wifee [Intro] Ughh, ladies, y'know how that sayin' goes Be careful what you ask for in life Cuz you just might get it Dependin' on what you ask

16. 4-5-6 Lyrics

4-5-6 Lyrics

Foxy Brown F/ Beanie Sigel, Memphis Bleek Miscellaneous 4-5-6 [Beanie Sigel] Ughh, ughh, yeah This is Beanie Sigel That Philly cat playin' wit that silly rap Put your weight up, not your hate up,

17. Ill Na Na Lyrics

Ill Na Na Lyrics

Foxy Brown F/ Method Man Miscellaneous Ill Na Na Intro: Method Man One time... Huhh, all up in ya like a bone when I... Johnny Blaze, the Iron Lung Foxy Brown, the Ill Na Na (yeah, c'mon, yeah,

18. Can You Feel Me Baby Lyrics

Can You Feel Me Baby Lyrics

Foxy Brown F/ Pretty Boy Miscellaneous Can You Feel Me Baby [Pretty Boy] My peoples is watching you, watching me Lots of envy and hate is what it got to be I heard you tryin' to destroy my whole mo

19. I'll Be Lyrics

I'll Be Lyrics

Foxy Brown F/ Jay-Z Miscellaneous I'll Be That's right, that's right How we do, yeah, I'll nana uh huh, uh, come on... What up pop, brace yourself as I ride on top Close your eyes as you ride,

20. The Birth Of Foxy Brown Lyrics

The Birth Of Foxy Brown Lyrics

[[Intro]]Uh, y'know, uh, Boogie Brown, uh How you expect me to love you, nigga Can't even trust you, uh So he played you, right? Shot a little game then he blazed you, right? Talkin' 'bout he was gon